Cheerleading Tryouts: How to Make the Squad

Cheerleading Tryouts: How to Make the Squad

Top tips to making the cheerleading squad including tryouts, co-ed, jumps, stunts, clapping, cheer/dance, and attire.

So you want to be a cheerleader?  I am going to teach you about the essential skills and mannerisms of a successful candidate and squadmate.

I was a cheerleader for 7 years, junior high, high school and traveling competition dance and cheer squads. I also took my first lessons form a former collegiate and Oakland Raiders cheerleader. These lessons cost $50/hour, one hour per week, for 6 weeks. I had tried out for 2 squads before I had lessons. I was denied the first time and second time I got on the B squad. After my lessons, I made the A squad every tryout after that. (At 3 different schools and 2 competition squads) Here is what Julie, the Raiderette, taught me:


Your smile is your best weapon. Be enthusiastic and smile during your entire tryout routine. Simply said, “Smile! Smile! Smile!”


A proper cheerleading clap for a chant or cheer is a closed clap, under your chin and between your shoulders. Don’t be that girl that claps in front of her face or level with her elbows. The coaches want to see uniform, stiff claps. Be careful not to let your hands stray in between clapping. If you are not clapping or cheering, but your hands in fists and place them on your hips.

“Spirit Fingers”

Spirit fingers can be obnoxious. Use them sparingly. Use spirit arms and motions instead. To see great use of spirit arms and hand motions, get a hold of a televised collegiate cheerleading competition. ESPN2 has them on often during the spring and summer months. The movie, “Bring It On” has some good spirit arms ideas but be careful, they are a little “cheesy”.


If you are a tumbler, you have a really good shot of getting on any junior high or high school team. Tumblers are in high demand. Also, I should note, Tumbling is a round-off back handspring or standing back (or any combination) Cartwheels and round-offs don’t qualify as “tumbling” in cheerleading. Find more about tumbling in “Parts of a Cheerleading Squad”.


Basic jumps include: the toe- touch, herkie and pike. We will talk about the most important jump, the toe- touch.

Toe – Touch

Just as the name implies, jump up and reach for your toes on either side of your body. Like a sit down middle- split in the air. Most of us know how to do this. An effective a pretty toe-touch is high off the ground, straight (level) and legs land together at the end. These take practice and flexibility. Work on them. They are required.

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samantha, posted this comment on Jun 25th, 2008

i think that is a great tips for cheerleading

tonisan60, posted this comment on Sep 5th, 2008

I never thought being a cheerleader is this difficolt, maybe because I only know about them thanks to TV programs. We do not have them in my country. Well your article is very understandable and seems complete to me.
I think many teen girls will enjoy and learn from it.
Nice job Andromeda

Andromeda, posted this comment on Sep 5th, 2008

Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed reading and I hope this is a good help to those trying out this year.

Roland, posted this comment on Oct 11th, 2008

This ok advice… But im only in middle school, and this is reeeeaaly something I want to do…………. I hope I make the squad.

Andromeda, posted this comment on Oct 26th, 2008

Roland, Depending on where you live, middle schoolers may have been in pee-wee football cheerleading or park district cheerleading up to this point. It will be clear to you because these kids wear their “Park District Cheerleader” jackets everywhere. They are so proud =)
The key to making cheerleader in middle school is 1) smile 2) sharp arm motions. That’s it. If you can tumble (back handsprings + only—not cartwheels) you are definately in.
Look in you park district book or online to see if there is a local cheer class or camp so you can brush up on skills.
Best of luck, Andromeda

Rose, posted this comment on Jan 10th, 2009

some of these tips wont get you anywhere with cheerleading but most of them are good. you dnt have to wrry about you makeup constently, as long as you look clean you’ll be fine.

Hannah, posted this comment on Feb 13th, 2009

hey i get to try out 4 the 7th grade cheerleading in May and its Febuary!! I need to go to tumbling but i cant afored it!! I NEED TO GO!! I REALLY want to do it!! My grades are sucky too!! If i dont make the squad i suare this will probley ruin my life! I LOVE cheeleading. I’ve been cheerleading 4 2 years ( seasons). But yes, this does give advice. Nice Job. :) ttyl

32 BarClay, posted this comment on Feb 17th, 2009

Not making cheerleading will NOT ruin your life. I swear. Some days I wish I had stayed with volleyball. As far as tumbling in 7th grade, I don’t think you’ll need it. Work on your jumps…Toe-touch especially making sure your are jumping high, toes are pointed and your flexibility allows your legs to go up as far as possible. Smile lots! If I can help at all, let me know.
Gook luck, Hannah!

To Rose: Thanks for your comment. If you leave your makeup at home, you will look like trash by game time (from classes to practice to cheer on the sidelines) Appearance is VERY important in the idea of cheerleading. Cheerleaders are representations of the school. We can’t look like jocks as the soccer teams and softball girls sometimes do. Appearance is important to the cheerleading institution since the beginning of the sport. Clean is definately great (no icky smelling cheerleaders). If you look great without makeup, good for you! But most of us need atleast some!

32 BarClay, posted this comment on Feb 17th, 2009

Hannah, P.S., Most schools require a C average and not be failing any classes to stay eligible for sports.

im just your average babygirl, posted this comment on Mar 1st, 2009

preety cool um…. i guesss :)

Nicole, posted this comment on Mar 4th, 2009

Im very nervous about cheer tryouts this week we have cheer clinic all week and the only thing is it rushed up on me so quick that i didnt practice and my jumps are not as high as they should be but i will work on them.I didnt make it last year and i really want to make it this year i guess i will just have to give it my all and see what happens in the end.

32 BarClay, posted this comment on Mar 5th, 2009

Gook luck at tryouts Nicole! All you can do is do your best and try to put nerves out of your head. Realize you will be naturally nervous but then concentrate on knowing you’ve practiced hard for this. I used to think, when I was nervous at tryouts, about how great the game days would be, wearing my uniform to school and performing at the pep rallies. I drove me to be way more excited than nervous.

Kanisha, posted this comment on Mar 22nd, 2009

uhmk.i love all the advice a rising sophmore in high school.& i always wanted to cheer,but im kinda nervous.because i never cheered before.but my cousin does and shes so good she’s on varsity. but me, im confident that i can do this.HOPEFULLY.but i wanna do some kind of activity in high school but cheerleading is something i realllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy want do.

32 BarClay, posted this comment on Mar 23rd, 2009

My first time trying out for high school cheerleading, as a freshman, I was SO disappointed that I didn’t make it on Varsity. The reason why “underclassmen” make it on Varsity is for one good reason. They need a specific role. Perhaps they lost a tumbler or a flyer the year before, or they need a base and picked the best from the JV squad. (They won’t pick a new cheerleader from tryouts to move to Varsity)

But wanted to get onto Varsity is what calmed my nerves. I my head, I had already clinched a spot on JV, even before I tried out, even thought was my first year in high school.

Please take any squad they offer. Wrestling squad or “B” squad. Some girls are so disappointed they didn’t get on the squad they wanted so they just deny the bid. That’s the worst. Once someone denies ANY spot, they will not be considered for any squad in the future. And, chances are very very good that you will be on a “real” squad the next year or even half way through the current year if one of the girls moves or gets sick.

I know you aren’t banking on a varsity sopt, I just wanted to put that out there for everyone.

Your chances are very good to get on the cheerleading squad if you have enlisted your Varsity friend’s help. Have a couple sleepovers and practice over Spring Break.

Post here if you have any questions that I can maybe help you with but it sounds like you have a great “in” with your friend.

Good luck and please let me know how your tryouts go!

iSAbEl, posted this comment on Mar 24th, 2009

mann that soundsz qee ahah !
ahh i want to be a cherrleadersz thatsz been my dream
to become one , ive ben lookinqq for tryoutsz buht i haven’t foundd anywhere to qoo :(

tanea, posted this comment on Mar 28th, 2009

well cherr tryouts for me are nxt tues.-thur. and this is my second try but trying out for varsity. But a few problems are is that i can’t tumble/jump really and by that im gonna have to have the cheer/sideline/dance solid (which means i can only miss 25pts. to make the cheerleading squad) and to make varsity is 75-higher, JV is from 70-74.9

32 BarClay, posted this comment on Mar 28th, 2009

If you are an underclassmen, (Freshman/Soph.) it is tough to get on Varsity without tumbling and jumps. Jumps are important to make any squad but if you are an incredible dancer/cheer, you’ll have a good shot to make JV. Good luck and let the judges know you are willing to learn tumbling and will continue to work on your jumps. =)

32 BarClay, posted this comment on Mar 28th, 2009

I forgot to mention the importance of pointed toes on all jumps and kicks. Any time your feet are in the air (or off the ground at all) your toes should be pointed.

Tea, posted this comment on Apr 7th, 2009

I think this is great advice but im still a little nervis

Anyone, posted this comment on Apr 11th, 2009

This was good information…it helped a lot!

ashley aka 7th grade cheerleader, posted this comment on Apr 16th, 2009

hey, i read this article a month after i made the team.this person did an amazing jobat everything.follow these rules and everything will be ok.i would love for this person to write an article about cheer camp.think positive they will see that u are confident in yourself.dont were close that cover your body completly like ur trying to stay in your comfort zone.nobody wants a uncofident person to look up to.

Debra, posted this comment on May 2nd, 2009

I didn’t make my schools spirit squad and I can’t stop crying, i practiced very hard, and Made sure i practiced everyday 3 times a day, and I got it down but they didn;t call my name, i started crying, and I can’t stop next yea i will be in 8th grade so i can’t tyout agian for the spirit squad and if they are striked now in middle school then they are going to be more striked in high school i am not going to make it!!! please help me

marissa, posted this comment on May 3rd, 2009

what type of shoe’s do we need for tryouts? what if we dont have that certain type of shoes? also what are the basics for high school cheer?

sad, posted this comment on May 8th, 2009

My daughter did not make the squad this year, she had only cheered one year prior, but has danced for 7 years and is very athletic. She initially said when we found out she didn’t make it “that’s okay, there is always next year!” Then she got teary..So did I. I didn’t realize how brutal this was.

Aylea, posted this comment on Jun 17th, 2009

I think that you’re very nice for making this, it’ll really help me when I try out. Unfortunately, i’ll have to wait until i’m in 11th to cheer(that’s if I make it), because I wasn’t cheerleader material as a freshman, I was really shy and had NO self confidence. I’m still working on it now but I think if I just get a makeover and speech therapy(I have a “s” lisp..i know embarassing) I can became what I always have wanted to be! :) This is a biiig leap for me, considering how i used to be. Plus i’ll prolly be one of the only black girls on the

But uh..i’m going into 10th this yr and to a different school, is there anyway I can still tryout and be a cheerleader for 10th? Or do I have to wait until next spring?

32 BarClay, posted this comment on Jun 20th, 2009

Thank you for all of your comments. I apologize for the late response but I would like to reply to your comments.
Tea and Anyone: Thanks for your thumbs up! Your support is very much appreciated.
Ashley, 7th grade cheerleader: Thank you and I will definately write about cheer camp! Thank you for the idea. Camp is tons of fun and you learn so much there! I will get that done asap because it’s already late June and camps are usually July and August. I will link the article here.
Debra: Please stop crying sweetie. A few tears can boost yourself to do better next year and you MUST try out for 8th grade. Don’t give up because you think it will be harder. If you cannot try out for 8th…definately try out for Freshman year. New girls make it through Soph. year tryouts. By Junior and Senior years, the squad is usually full. Is “Spirit squad” the exact same as the “cheerleading squad”? Or is it more like “Poms”? I have experience in both. My advice is to keep practicing as hard as you do. Sign up for a tumbling class (but don’t worry if you cannot tumble if you are at a smaller school. Check out to see if the other cheerleaders are all tumblers. My Junior and Senior years, we only had two tumblers on a 15 person squad) Also, check YouTube for competition videos. Practice in front of a full length mirror and to music for your dances. Good luck and please let me know if there is anything else I can help with.
Marissa: Once you make the squad, your coach and captains will decide on uniforms that include shoes. They are special ordered. For tryouts, I reccommend white gym shoes. (I wore Keds –canvas cheap shoes from WalMart. They cost like $5.00–And then when I made the squad –I cheered at 4 different schools, I would wear my previous year cheerleading shoes for tryouts.)
Basics for high school cheer? (Please clarify so I can give you the best answer)
Sad: It’s heart-breaking when girls don’t make the cheerleading squad when they’ve practiced so hard. In your daughter’s case, she is definately practiced but still didn’t make it. This is a total blow to her self-esteem because more than being able to cheer, “being a cheerleader” is a social status and you daughter may feel like she “doesn’t belong”. Please refer to my bottom note for more.
Aylea: You’re very welcome! I am proud to say that I coached the only black cheerleader (first at the school) and she made it on her first tryout! I only spent 15 minutes with her =) The coaches MADE a spot for her because she had such a bubbly personality. As far as sppech therapy, definately do it eventually if it’s what you want, but it is unneccessary to be lisp-free to be a cheerleader. Express your concerns about your lisp to the coaches before you try out, avoid those challenging syllables in your try out cheer (If everyone needs to do the same cheer, ask if you can make your own, ask them for help with this. You want to be your best during tryouts.) When you make the squad, everyone is yelling together and no one will EVER hear any girls voice individually. So the lisp doesn’t matter.
Unfortunately, tryouts are always held at one time in Spring and I have never seen an “extra” tryout held to fill vacant positions if one or two of the girls get hurt or sick and become ineligible to complete the season. What most coaches do in the event they need more girls later in the season to fill spots is they will go back to the tryout scores and pick the next highest tryout scores and contact the girls to see if they would still like to be part of the squad. Double-whammy, there is not a way to tell your tryout score, they keep these confidential. Yes dear, you’ll need to wait until next spring to tryout. Its great that you’re concentrating on looks and speech but please be most concerned with practice, practice, practice!
End Note: It is an unfortunate, yet true, reality that the “pretty girls” make the cheerleading squad. Cheerleaders are fit (not skinny) and strong. Weight training is very important. (See if you can join the Accellerated P.E. class at school—this class lifts weights and runs instead of playing volleyball and dodgeball etc…Tell your new PE teacher that you are trying out for cheerleading and she will be glad to help put together a customized training program for you to follow) Protien and whole grains are great for you! Tumbling (back handsprings/back tucks) is VERY desirable on a cheerleading squad. If you are a good tumbler, you are almost guarnteed a spot on the squad. Please remember that you must practice your cheers and dances religiously though too. A “triple threat” is a coaches dream!
Shower daily, be outgoing during tryouts (even if you’re shy in real life—like me)Take pride in your appearence and love the cheer. Please be warned! —> Making the cheerleading squad will NOT neccessarily make you best buddies with those girls you always wanted to be friends with. There are cliques within the clique of cheerleaders. Although you will belong as a team and will take care of eachother, please don’t expect an absolute popularity turnaround right away. Lastly, big schools (500-1,000+ in your graduating class) only have about 15 spots for the cheerleading squad with possibly hundreds of girls trying out. The girls who have been in pee-wee football (Park district) cheerleading in grade school will have the best chance of making the middle school squad. You’re best bet is to get involved early in cheerleading if at all possible. Sometimes, even though someone THE BEST cheerleader at the tryouts, there will be some reason they didn’t make it or were put on the “B” squad. By the way…if you are put on the “B” squad, DO IT! Don’t be upset. That is a great honor and a great chance for you to learn. Chances are good that the best “B” squad cheerleaders will be on the “A” squad the next year!
Good luck and thank you for all of your posts!

Cristina, posted this comment on Aug 31st, 2009

how would i become a cheerleader if i can’t do a full cartwheel anytime i do it it looks like a flip and a cartwheel at the same time and i don’t know how to do a herkie,back flip,round offs, and if i made the team and i had to stand on top of the pyramid I’d be afraid I’d fall off and mess the whole entire routine for the squad and get kicked off the cheerleading squad.

jaliyah, posted this comment on Sep 22nd, 2009

thanks this is really helpful

emily, posted this comment on Oct 12th, 2009

asome i made the team on the Avon Oriels

miss hopeful :], posted this comment on Oct 17th, 2009

hey im so lucky that i found this article!! i really want to try out for freshman cheer (im n the eigth grade) and i really really really want to make it…everytime we have pep rallys and i c the cheerleaders cheer i jst want to go out there and dance with them oh i love it!! :) but sadly im not a cheerleader(yet!) in march they are havng the tryouts..i need ur advice on wat to do!! ive been practicing my motions like the T and V and other stuff lik tht and i can pop those motions perfectly i can also learn dances really easily..the things im having trouble with r probly the most important things :( i neeed help on my jumps and tumbling..i know its sad but im working on it!!! im flexible but im jst tooo scared to try a flip or anything and i cant get into gymnastics because my parents both have to work and i have to watch my brothers every single day of the week xcept sunday..but tht wont apply for nxt friends and i are starting a group where we can practice together for cheer tryoutss :) ) i really hope i make it..ha ive been obsessd with it since 7th grade..ha..thnx

Linda, posted this comment on Jan 7th, 2010

I wanted to try out for cheer this year, but i did not try out last year. (I would be trying out this March to make it as a sophomore.) And i have a few questions!! :)
-Do the judges favor previous cheerleaders?
-What must i work on the most to impress the judges and be ahead of all the other cheerleaders?
-How are you evaluated, by how you look and etc.?
I can tumble okay, like a roundoff backhandspring and i’m still learning more, and if i learn soon enough, i bet i could do the dances pretty well too.
-What do the judges ask you to do?
Thank you so much!!! :)

aj, posted this comment on Jan 20th, 2010

yea i am going into high school this year. imade the middle schoolteam but now i have to try-out for high school and this wasnt really that great of advice.sorry.

Deidra, posted this comment on Feb 18th, 2010

Thanks soo much for the advice ! im trying out for my 8th grade squad! and i\’ve already learned my chant ( you have to learn a chant) . im not a good tumbler. but at our school they make you go to gymnastics too ! im just so excited! me and my friend are going to tryout together, im kinda nervous about that because if she doesnt make it and i do it\’ll be lonely. But anyway, does the coach favor last years cheerleaders ?

Andromeda, posted this comment on Feb 21st, 2010

Hi Ladies! Here are your responses in order. Thanks for writing!

Cristina: Do not worry about not being able to tumble. Forget about that cartwheel for now. In my 7 years, I have not ever seen a girl get kicked off the squad for making a stunt fall or making a mistake. At the first practices, the coach(es) will try out the girls in different spots, flyer, base, back etc… and see which groups fit together the best. If you do not like to fly you will not be made to. If you want to fly, and you keep trying at it, the coach will most likely let you fly.

Jaliyah: You\’re welcome, thatnks for visiting!

Emily: Congratulations on making the Avon Oriels!

Miss Hopeful: You have two great things working in your favor to make the squad in March, coming right up now. 1) You are practicing! Make sure you are doing your arm motions in front of a mirror to make sure they are even on each side and straight! and 2) You\’ve put together a cheer practice team. This is vital! See if you can find one of the current cheerleaders to join you one afternoon. 10 minutes of their time will be exponentially helpful! You\’re a great team player for watching your siblings all the time, I had the same sort of situation when I was in school. Please don\’t worry about your tumbling, especially in junior high school. Tight arm motions, high jumps (with toes pointed) and smiles are your best weapons!

Linda: Thanks for the specifics! Here are the answers to your questions…
1) Yes. The judges DO prefer previous cheerleaders, but will fill their place if the cheerleader was goofing off last year. Coaches will choose to grow the team, usually, rather than deny former cheerleaders especially if they see a few great cheerleaders they want to have on the team.
2) Work on your appearence, smiles and tight arm motions. Dancing is also equally important. The girls with the best rhythm to dance will be kept.
3) In tryouts I have judged, cheerleaders are evaluated on:
a) Appearence, shoes, outfit, hair neatly pulled back, smile.
b)How well the cheer was performed (smile, arms, jumps, strong voice,
c) Attitude during tryout week, toward other cheerleaders and to the judges.
d) Dance: They will show you a cheer and a dance that you will have time to practice. The dance must be entusiastic, accurate and fun to watch, smile.
e) IT IS MORE IMPORTANT to practice your dancing skills (make your own dance and put cheerleader moves to it–check out YouTube—) than tumbling. It is great to be able to tumble, but dancing is WAY more important for making a school squad.

AJ: Good luck at freshman tryouts!

Deidra: You\’re welcome, its my pleasure! Kudos on learning your chant already and that is SO awesome that they make the squad take tumbling. If you don\’t know how now, you\’ll learn very quickly. Good Luck! (Yes, the coaches do favor last year\’s cheerleaders, for the most part)

Bubbles123, posted this comment on Feb 24th, 2010

I think I want to cheerlead..
But I don’t know.
All my friends want me to,but I havnt did it since the 3rd grade.!
I’m going to be a freshman next year and I don’t think I’ll make it.
I don’t know how to tumble, or anything..
And,the worst part is.. I’m not skinny-minny like all the other girls.
Everyones like,your not even big.. Just try it.!
I’m still embarrassed…
I don’t want to make myself look like and idiot..

Marie, posted this comment on Mar 3rd, 2010

Hey I’m in 7th grade and I really want to try out for the squad (2010-11) tryouts are in April and it is already march! I’m soooo scared I will not make it! My younger sis is in gymnastics so she is helping me brush up on my tumbling skills. I am still afraid I will not make it. I sure hope I do because my friend really wants me to make it because she is trying out to and I would hate for one of us not to make the squad.we plan on practicing together soon! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!

Marie, posted this comment on Mar 3rd, 2010

P.s. I can’t do a good toe-touch either!!! :(

Di'Anna, posted this comment on Mar 20th, 2010

I’m in the 8th grade and I really wana be a cheerleader again. I did it in the 5th grade for a travel football team. We got 2nd place in competion. :) I wana tryout for freshman cheer but u can only do a cartwheel round off walk over back bend and a front handspring( but cnt land straight on feet) I can do my hercky pretty good and toe touch to but pike not so good. I’m very flexibale I cab yell loud to. I’m afraid I won’t make freshman cheer because I can’t to a back handspring a or back lay out. I really liked cheerleading and I want to try it again should I try out?

Di'Anna, posted this comment on Mar 20th, 2010

I\’m in the 8th grade and I really wana be a cheerleader again. I did it in the 5th grade for a travel football team. We got 2nd place in competion. :) I wana tryout for freshman cheer but u can only do a cartwheel round off walk over back bend and a front handspring( but cnt land straight on feet) I can do my hercky pretty good and toe touch to but pike not so good. I\’m very flexibale I cab yell loud to. I\’m afraid I won\’t make freshman cheer because I can\’t to a back handspring a or back lay out. I really liked cheerleading and I want to try it again should I try out?

Deidra, posted this comment on Apr 2nd, 2010

hi , well i already commented you on this but , my school already had its tryouts

and i made it (: i just thought i would tell you! :)

Jessica, posted this comment on Apr 9th, 2010

Im so scared any tips to work on my toe touch and herkie im almost there tryouts are in 2 weeks

marilana, posted this comment on Apr 9th, 2010

Hi! well tryouts are in 2 weeks and I dont no how to point my toes in a toe touch. I was wanting to no if you knew a way I could?

32 BarClay, posted this comment on May 3rd, 2010

CONGRATULATIONS DEIDRA! I’m am SO excited that you made the squad and came back to post! Let us know how your summer camp goes!

32 BarClay, posted this comment on May 3rd, 2010

Ladies, if you want to try out for your squad, the only things that stand in your way are
1) Is there room on the squad? (teams will often still have tryouts even if there is only one spot to fill)
2) Lack of practice or practicing the wrong techniques
3) Letting your nerves get in the way

Please try out if you want to, but don’t let making the squad be your “everything”. If you feel that you HAVE to be a cheerleader to be ‘popular’ or ‘liked’, you couldn’t be more wrong. When it comes to the point of making cheerleading (or whatever) your life, you’ve become nothing yourself. Granted, it can feel like practice and games takes up your entire life once you’ve made the squad… but if you haven’t even made the squad yet and you are making it your “life goal” it may be best to re-evaluate yourself and your true goals…which should be family, grades and friends. Cheering is just one great addition to the wonderful life you already lead!

Lilly, posted this comment on Jun 17th, 2010

Hi, um…. im goin in to the 6th grade and im pretty tall but the schools just started letting the 6th graders be on the JV squad. Im gettin my braces off a month before tryouts :) …… my friend and i are both tying out. the tryouts are in august. im not good at tumbling but im in the tumbling class. i really want to make the squad…but im afraid the i wont make the squad and my friend will. i get jealous really fast. im tall skinny and pretty….but i do get really jealous. i can do a back bend but i chicken out on hard floors. im so afraid that illl mess up at the tryouts. I might go to my friends house on the same day as the tryout cininc… then stay another night…then its tryout day! at midnight that night……..the squads will be posted on the doors at the middle school. only 10 girls came to the 3 day open gym/clinic……including my friend and i. we are hoping no girls except the 10 girls that came to the clinic dont come so we can make the squad easier. the coach told me that i need to work on straight arms and straight legs. and they told my friend she needs to work on her upper body. so i need advice fast!
ps. what and where are the cheerleading camps????

32 BarClay, posted this comment on Aug 13th, 2010

Hi Lilly, I hope I’m in time for your tryout. The coach wants you to work on straight arms and straight legs? Go to your mirror and make sure that when you hit a high-v, low-v, punches etc… that your elbows are straight and inline with your forearms which should be inline with your wrists. With straight legs, I am assuming Coach is talking about when you jump. Again, if you have a mirror or large window with a reflection, practice your jumps so you can see yourself. Your upper body should be upright (for the most part) and your knees need to be straight while you are in the air and always point your toes whenever your feet are off the ground.
I hope this helps. It makes you look really good to the coach that you and your friend showed up to camp. You are right in thinking that it is likely for the girls who didn’t show up to not make the squad. Afterall, committment to the squad starts even before you make it. Good Luck!

32 BarClay, posted this comment on Aug 13th, 2010

Cheerleading Camps are either held at your school or at a local university or gym. You go for a few days, up to a week, with a bunch of other squads. You learn new cheers/chants and dances. Camp is a ton of fun and you must go if you are elected to the squad.

Dominique S, posted this comment on Aug 18th, 2010

hi,um im in the 7th grade and im haveing a very hard time with keeping my arms and legs straight for basketball cheer and i dont kno what to do our try outs are aug.26 can you plz help me :)

Brooke, posted this comment on Aug 25th, 2010

hi ive been on the kind of cheer squad that u dont need to try out 4 but u have to pay a certain amount of money to cheer since i was in 1st grade but this year i have to try out for 7th grade and im not sure if ill b ready or not because im not very good with flips or tumbling what shoud i do

Little RenRen, posted this comment on Oct 12th, 2010

These are some pretty great tips, I must say however, my coach doesn’t care if we wear makeup to practice..we are required though to wear show makeup at compititions. I have been cheering for 5 years now, 2 years all star,1 year junior and this is my 3rd year of Sr.High cheerleading.
~Also I don’t know if its against your rules to wear any kind of support braces(such as knee or wrists supports) but on my squad its okay to wear them. So my advice, if you are allowed to wear them and you have trouble locking or holding it would be wise to buy one..I paid $35 canadian for mine, which I needed due to a weak knee from a dancing injury.
~always smile even if you mess up, especially during compititions, if a stunt falls pretend like its the first time it has ever happened and smile, judges will become confused and forget how many points they were deducting. ;p
~ also if your a flyer wear a top that fits properly and wont slip through hands if you accidently fall. Trust me I once wore a over sized Tee and we attempted a new stunt and my base lost my foot and as they tried to grab me my shirt went over my head and I feel to the floor with my shirt in the bases arms (embarassing.)
~OHH AND DO NOT wear earrings,necklaces or braclets if you don’t want them to get pulled outta your ears,get broken or hurt someone else.

Anyways I’m trying to teach a few new girls some cheer stuff before tryouts that are in a few weeks..taught them the basics such as arm movements,cheers,jumps and basic stunting..have any tips for me..its greatly appriciated!!! thank you :)

LittleRenRen, posted this comment on Oct 12th, 2010

These are some pretty good tips. I must say it is not required to wear makeup at tryouts, my coach could care less what we look like at practice but would flip if we didn’t have show makeup on at compititions.
~Always smile, especially during cpmpititions, if a stunt falls halfway through routine smile and pretend its the first time that has ever makes the judges think that its a one time thing and may not deduct as many points.
~Do NOT wear earrings,necklaces or braclets unless you want them pulled outta your ears, broken or to hurt someone.
~ If you are a Flyer please do not wear oversized shirts..make sure your clothes fit properly, trust me I learned the hard way ” my 2nd year of highschool cheerleading I wore an Over Sized Tee and we were trying a new stunt and as we were going up, at extension one of my bases lost my foot and the bases tried to catch me but I feel to the floor with my shirt of the bases was holding it in their hand and were like OMFG and the other had my leg, was a weird position and not very pleaseable.” I warned you all!!

Also now that I have givin my input.. do you have any tips on teaching new girls stuff for cheer tryouts coming up…I’ve showed them the basics,arms,jumps,cheers,and some simple stunting but I want to make the next time more fun for them! so they won’t be discouraged from trying out.

LittleRenRen, posted this comment on Oct 12th, 2010

sorry I posted twice..didn’t realize my first comment had posted

Amandaaa, posted this comment on Nov 6th, 2010

Hey(: im in 8th grade and try outs are in 2 days. Im really nervous and dont think im gonna make it. Any tips on how the judges decide who makes it?

Lacy, posted this comment on Nov 29th, 2010

I’m in middle school and for football season we had all girls and we were doing stunts like a back flip pyrimid and all that. Middle school usually has stunts at least all the middle schools where I live do (sometimes people break the rules but whatevs) But it seems like you were bragging about being taught by that pro cheerleader but its really not that big of a deal you shouldn’t go around saying the pro cheerleader taught me this and that…big deal I’ve been a mini-cheerleader for one of the HUGE collages around my grandparents and a mini-dancer. Please don’t brag (and I wasn’t just making a point like I wouldn’t make an article on how to cheer or dace correctly and be like I did this I did that…not to be mean or anything) but yes ALWAYS SMILE NOT MATTER WHAT, DO NOT DO SPIRIT FINGERS, and KEEP YOUR LOOK UP! Looks: You may not think you are as pretty as the girl standing by you but chances are that you are just as beautiful and most likely then some. About that “uniform”, she’s right. Don’t wear some uniform that you have or anything and don’t wear just you spankys/bloomers (the little spandex shorts that go under you normal short, sorry for any mis-spellings.) Get a bow that is one of your schools colors and shorts should be soffe like shorts (again sorry for any mis-spellings) but if you don’t have any of those other shorts work fine to. The shorts should most likely be black and shirt should be white (logos are fine. do this unless instructed otherwise.) I hope my tips also helped and this chicks were great too. Keep it up and good luck!

Amelia, posted this comment on Dec 9th, 2010

Thanks for the advice! really, really, REALLY want to do cheer. I am really loud and have a nice appearance, but i’m not that good at gymnastics, like i cant do a back handspring or a tuck, and the only jump i know is a toe touch. do you think i can still make the squad? and if not, what do i have to do to make the squad?

naydaiujah tejeda, posted this comment on Jan 18th, 2011

hi i would like to tryout this squad and what do i have to do to make this squad? i what to sihg up rigt now so i now what i want to do for my cheer.

jessica!(:, posted this comment on Mar 1st, 2011

okayy(: this was greatt advice my cheer tryouts are in 6 weeks and i dont know if i will make it im a great dancer and i am really loud but i cant tumble! my best friend macy is going to try to hepl me but i also have a lot of other things on my mind do you have any tips on learning to do flips?

Sprinklesss, posted this comment on Mar 29th, 2011

Hi okay so i’m going to be a sophmore next year and i’m trying out for cheer at my new school. I’m nervous though because i havent done cheer in a super long time. I use to do gymnastics and i can do a front hand spring and kart wheels and round offs and stuff. And i’ve been doing dance for a ehile. But i realllyyyy want to make the team. IM SOOO SCARED. but im super bubbly and energetic so maybe i might make it???? thankyouuuuu

smithy, posted this comment on Aug 2nd, 2011

i like their butts mostlyand their tits

tiffany, posted this comment on Aug 2nd, 2011

I will try i can do all tht so good luk

Cheergurlie, posted this comment on Nov 11th, 2011

This is pretty good except… flyers doesnt have to be small. Just because a girl is smaller doesnt mean that she can weigh less or is easier to catch… I’m a really tall flyer… all the smaller girls dont have a lot of control

Jessica Tse, posted this comment on Dec 13th, 2011

How do you get in a cheerleading group if you have never been in one? Because I want to be a cheerleader and I kick higher than my brother and he is 14 years old!!!

MimiMarie, posted this comment on Mar 21st, 2012

I have bever heard of middle schooler trying out. When I was in 7th you just signed up and made the team. As for tumbling, it is always best to start young. So yes, I think you guys should worry about tumbling. In high school, it will really pay off.

BREANNA, posted this comment on Apr 5th, 2012


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